Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Y Factor by Liam Roberts

The Genographic Project is mapping hundreds of thousands of DNA samples to create a comprehensive human family tree. Two employees of the project, Eric Colburn and Alana McKinsey, have stumbled on a plot by a brilliant Muslim scientist, Dr. Ahmed Alomari, who has co-opted the project. Eric blows the whistle and is targeted by al Qaeda assassins.

A Mossad agent uncovers the explosive plot: Alomari plans to inflame the Muslim faithful with genetic proof that will vindicate Ishmael as the rightful heir of the Abrahamic covenant.
While on assignment, Alana disappears in the slums of Karachi, Pakistan, a tenuous ally in the war on terror.

Eric sets out, determined to rescue her against impossible odds.

Will the U.S. be willing to test the resolve of a Muslim nuclear power?

Will Eric and Alana survive the perennial struggle between the descendants of Abraham?

The Y Factor will keep you engaged as these subplots come to a breathtaking climax!

Liam Roberts experienced a mountain-top conversion at a Young Life camp in the Colorado Rockies as a teenager. This single event shaped his life as no other.

Liam's career began with a degree in Psychology and an MBA. He's pursued excellence across four different industries and taught college Economics.

Liam has been married for thirty-three years to his lovely wife, Marsha, who blessed him with three incredible children. Their daughter is an accomplished chef at an exclusive restaurant. Their two sons are graduates of the United States Naval Academy. One is a member of the Navy Special Operations Forces, the other is a Navy pilot.

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