Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Hope and a Future by Don Wilton


Have you ever found yourself discouraged? Chances are pretty good that you have. People face discouragement everyday as they struggle with uncertainty concerning their finances, health issues, a tough economy, broken family relationships and other issues in the world.

Pastor Don Wilton, who is also known as Billy Graham’s pastor, believes that discouragement is prevalent today and can have a negative impact on a person's family, work, ministry and relationships, and may also lead to health ailments and depression. To encourage those who are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about their future, Wilton has written A Hope and a Future (B & H Books) to help people break the day-to-day discouragement cycle. “I want to provide principles and illustrations from God’s Word for people to live beyond their circumstances, and despite their situation, show that God can bring them through it,” Wilton says.

In A Hope and a Future, Pastor Wilton parallels the lives of biblical figures Nehemiah, Samuel and Moses, men who overcame discouragement by making a choice to take action. He also stresses the importance of understanding spiritual gifts, sharing your faith, giving to others, and knowing the spiritual enemy. A Hope and a Future helps people to:

Identify and overcome spiritual emptiness and spiritual burnout
Recognize the relationship between health and fulfilling their spiritual calling
Understand why God allows spiritual attacks on Christians
Combat spiritual attacks with armor of God
Understand the ten tactics Satan uses to discourage and seven defensive actions


Don Wilton is senior pastor of the 6,500 member First Baptist Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and reaches thousands more each week through the congregation’s television ministry, The Encouraging Word. A native of South Africa, Don continues to preach internationally and has served as a faculty member at the Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism across the United States and Canada. Wilton and his wife have three children.

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