Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Touched by a Vampire:Discovering the Hidden Messages in the Twilight Saga by Beth Felker Jones


People around the world are asking the same question, enraptured with Edward and Bella’s forbidden romance in the Twilight Saga, a four-book serial phenomenon written by Stephenie Meyer. The bestsellers tell the story of a regular girl’s relationship with a vampire who has chosen to follow his “good” side. But the Saga isn’t just another fantasy–it’s teaching girls about love, sex, and purpose. With 48 million copies in print and a succession of upcoming blockbuster films, now is the time to ask the important question: Can vampires teach us about God’s plan for love?

Touched by a Vampire is the first book to investigate the themes of the Twilight Saga from a Biblical perspective. Some Christian readers have praised moral principles illustrated in the story, such as premarital sexual abstinence, which align with Meyer’s Mormon beliefs. But ultimately, Beth Felker Jones examines whether the story’s redemptive qualities outshine its darkness.

Cautionary, thoughtful, and challenging, Touched by a Vampire is written for Twilight fans, parents, teachers, and pop culture enthusiasts. It includes an overview of the series for those unfamiliar with the storyline and a discussion guide for small groups.


Beth Felker Jones is Assistant Professor of Theology at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. She is the author of The Marks of His Wounds: Gender Politics and Bodily Resurrection, as well as numerous articles and reviews. Beth is a mother and a pastor’s wife.

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Andi said...


I think you are wonderful. However, I think Beth Felker Jones is off her rocker! Just like everyone went crazy with Harry Potter now it's Twilight. It's fiction. I don't think anyone under the age of 15 should read it. I also think it's being blown way out of proportion. The way Bella acts when Edward leaves is the same way "most" girls act when their bf breaks up with them. Albeit not suicide. That was a little extreme. Her take that girls see this as a view of a healthy relationship is out there. They will see what is lived out in front of them not what they read. I have three girls and I know of what I speak.
Hugs to you girl! Andi


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