Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Fasting Journey


The Fasting Journey was written by a man for whom fasting has become a way of life and is a journal of his experiences and a guide for those of us who want to learn from someone who has known firsthand the joys and hardships of fasting. Peter Holmes shows us how fasting is a death of self and an act of intercession that God uses as a spiritual weapon to clarify and unleash Gods purposes to bring about healing for those trapped in bondage to sin. Because of the understanding God has given him through fasting, he has helped many find answers to their most complex and deeply entrenched problems. Holmes discusses the biblical aspect of fasting from Old Testament Scriptures to the practice of the early church. He explains different kinds of fasts for us to consider - even non-food fasts, and explores purposes for fasting and tells us how our fasting will impact those around us. In The Fasting Journey, we are called to fast as a way to find out what really controls us, to become more Christ-like and to hear Gods voice with a clear, focused ear.


DR. PETER HOLMES has led a number of businesses and organizations, including a startup in the environmental biotechnology field cleansing contaminated soil with colonies of natural microorganisms. He and his wife Mary have helped plant four churches in the UK and Europe and served the Lord in many different ways from fulltime service to local church leadership and from trusteeships and foreign mission. Most recently they ministered to genocide victims in Rwanda. Peter also runs an extensive ministry offering training in wholeness and maturity in Christ and he has written a number of books on these topics.

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