Monday, June 3, 2013

Though Mountains Fall by Dale Cramer

This book had it all. Action, adventure, and love. What more could you want? Oh, you want a little Amish thrown in? has that, too! I love to read books by this author! If you are looking for a summer read that will keep your interest and keep you guessing until the end, this one is it!

Amish pacifism is sorely tested in the Paradise Valley settlement in the 1920s. When an army of bandits descends on them, the Amish are saved by the last-minute arrival of government troops. But they soon learn that soldiers can be as cruel as the bandits themselves. Then a bishop travels to Mexico, and Caleb's daughters are finally able to marry, though the ban still looms for Miriam even as her beloved Domingo decides he must go off to fight in the coming war. As Caleb's frail hope of peace and freedom in Mexico slips away, he is left to ponder the question: In times of trouble, on whom should we rely?

To purchase this book, visit here. Blessings! 


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