Monday, June 10, 2013

Rosa's Land by Gilbert Morris


This book told the story of a young man who was finding it difficult to find his place in the world. He felt less than a man and wanted to become an adventurous marshall, rather than what he had been molded into. When his parents send him to a friend to work, they expect him to return to the safety and easiness of home, but instead he finds the courage and love that he has been searching for.

Join Lafayette Riordan as he chases his dream of becoming a Wild West marshal. Young Faye longs for an adventurous life protecting the frontier alongside Judge Isaac Parker’s famous marshals. But his upbringing has left him more prepared for a life as scholar and artist. When faced with the opportunity to realize his dream, can he summon the courage to hunt down the outlaws? Or will one headstrong female rancher capture his heart first?

To buy this book for yourself, you can visit here. Smile, God loves you!

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