Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Holy Roller by Julie Lyons

The Holy Spirit is always there for those who are desperate and this book clearly supports that thought and belief. This book makes you think about your own life and how easy we truly have it and the way that it effects the way we think about God and His power.


Julie Lyons, a white, middle-class professional, was working as a crime reporter at the Dallas Times Herald when she followed a hunch into the South Dallas ghetto. She wasn’t hunting drug dealers, but drug addicts who had been supernaturally healed of their addictions. Was there a church in the most violent part of the city that prayed for addicts and got results? Indeed there was and is, claims Lyons, whose story landed on the front page of her alternative weekly newspaper and became the basis of her new book, Holy Roller.

Holy Roller is Lyons’s firsthand investigation into God’s power, the activities of the Holy Spirit and the inspiring results of prayer and faith in the lives of society’s overlooked people. In South Dallas, people search for answers and find them. They ask for help with overwhelming problems, and receive it. And when God performs a miracle during a Sunday church service, no one is surprised. It is an eye-opening, entertaining and inspiring tale that takes readers to unexpected places.
Julie Lyons is an award-winning writer, editor and investigative reporter who for more than 11 years served as editor-in-chief of the Dallas Observer, an alternative weekly newspaper owned by Village Voice Media. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and a B.A. in English from Seattle Pacific University. She and her husband, Larry Lyons Jr., live in Dallas with their son.
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