Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alive Day by Tom Sullivan

This is the perfect book to take with you to the beach. It is a story that is somewhat reminiscent of Marley and Me, but is full of inspiration for you no matter where you are in your life.


Sometimes a "best friend" can be your second chance.

Though psychiatrist Dr. Brendan McCarthy is blind, he sees himself clearly in a young patient named Antwone--a marine recently disabled in combat. Antwone should be celebrating his "Alive Day," the day he narrowly escaped certain death in combat, but he's depressed--nearly suicidal. Dr. McCarthy can relate--he too thought he'd lost everything when he lost his sight in a mountain climbing accident years ago.

Dr. McCarthy determines he'll do whatever it takes to rescue the young marine from despair. But ultimately it's McCarthy's big-hearted and couragous black Labrador, Nelson, who teaches both Antwone and McCarthy the real meaning of life after near-death.


Tom Sullivan, known to many as an actor, singer, entertainer, author, and producer was born prematurely in 1947 and given too much oxygen while in an incubator. Though it saved his life, it cost him his eyesight. Tom spent the early part of his career pursuing music and eventually gained national prominence with appearances on The Tonight Show, a major recording contract, and a steady stream of gigs in Las Vegas. From there he would head to TV as a special correspondent for ABC's Good Morning America while guest starring in Designing Women, Highway to Heaven, Fame, M.A.S.H, Mork & Mindy, and WKRP In Cincinnati. Tom has been nominated twice for Emmy Awards, is the only living recipient of the Helen Keller Lifetime Achievement Award, has spoken at over three thousand corporations and universities and has written nine books for children, youth, and adults.

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