Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Surrender by Gilbert Morris

I have been reading Gilbert Morris for years. I spent one summer reading through his series and have been hooked since then. When I read this book, it only solidified my devotion to his writing. He just has a way of telling a story that no one else has. Historical fiction is his talent and it will keep me coming back to his books time and time again. The Surrender is the story of a sholder who leaves everything behind to aid Robert E. Lee during the Civil War. It was a great book that was full of historical detail that I loved.

Follow along as an upright man is caught up in the horrific events of the Civil War in the final book of the Last Cavaliers series. When Morgan Tremayne follows his employer, Robert E. Lee, into battle, he leaves behind everything he’s worked hard to build: a horse farm, a good reputation, and a young orphan he has raised. It will take a life-changing injury on Gettysburg’s blood-soaked fields to open Morgan’s eyes to what’s really worth dying for.


Award-winning, bestselling author, Gilbert Morris, is well known for penning numerous Christian novels for adults and children since 1984 with 6.5 million books in print. He is probably best known for the forty-book House of Winslow series, and his Edge of Honor was a 2001 Christy Award winner. He lives with his wife in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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