Monday, April 11, 2011

Love On Assignment by Cara Lynn James

I thought that this book was a very good read. Charlotte is someone that you will enjoy reading about and rooting for though her decisions and her life playing out through this book. The author is truly gifted in telling a story and in helping to make it special for her readers.


The chance to break the big story is all Charlotte needs to secure her future. But when the truth comes out--it may cost her the love of her life.

Newport, Rhode Island, in 1900--a glamorous resort town where the rich and famous go to see and be seen.

Charlotte Hale isn't part of that world. She's a working girl, a secretary for a local newspaper, who dreams of becoming a real reporter. When her boss offers her an assignment, she jumps at the opportunity. She'll go undercover as a governess to invesitgate a scandal about her new employer, Daniel Wilmont, a young widowed professor of religion who writes a controversial column in a rival newspaper.

Charlotte's qualms about misrepresenting herself to Daniel soon morph into a deeper quandry. How can she get the goods on a man who turns out ot be so honorable? How can she plot the downfall of a family that has inspired her to rediscover her faith? And how can she protect the man she now loves from a scheme she's been part of since the beginning?

Cara Lynn James is the author of Love on a Dime. She's received contest awards from Romance Writers of America and the American Christian Fiction Writers. She resides in Florida with her husband Jim.

You definitely want to read this one! Click here!


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