Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Living in the Overlap by Steve Shaefer

Did Jesus already establish His kingdom on earth? Living in the Overlap explores the challenges and benefits of living in a kingdom that is both "already" and "not yet." If you want a deeper understanding of Jesus' kingdom message, and if you want to explore the kingdom's implications for your life today, let this provocative and enlightening book be your guide.

The kingdom of God was the central message of Jesus, yet so few Christians understand what it means to live in that kingdom. Many of us think of the kingdom of God arriving with the second coming, but Steve Shaefer asserts that Jesus already established His kingdom on earth. Some of the blessings from the coming kingdom are available to us now, while we live in the overlap between the establishment of the kingdom and when it comes to its fullness. Those blessings can help us walk by faith, deal with temptation, and love others.

Because of his fascination with Scripture and its message, Steve Schaefer has repeatedly explored the land of the Bible. His experiences include hot-air ballooning over eerie Cappadocian rock formations in Turkey, trekking through the ancient "rose red" city of Petra in Jordan, sloshing through Hezekiah's serpentine aqueduct in Israel, and scaling Jebel Musa (traditionally identified as Mount Sinai) in Egypt. But he now invites readers to embark on a different kind of biblical adventure in his new book, Living in the Overlap: How Jesus' Kingdom Proclamation Can Transform Your World.

Steve holds a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Regent University's School of Divinity. He has traveled the globe as a Managing Producer in the International Programming Department of CBN WorldReach, and is a popular speaker and teacher.

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