Sunday, August 8, 2010

That's Where God Is by Dan and Ali Morrow


The life of a pre-school child is one filled with wonder and a thousand questions! Sometimes those questions turn toward spiritual ideas, and it can be a real challenge to supply satisfying answers to their many and often profound questions. Dan and Ali Morrow have teamed up to answer the question “Where is God?” in a delightful and beautiful book entitled That’s Where God Is. Using the foundational relationship between a child and their grandparent, the Morrows explore the many ways God can be discovered within the events of each day of the week.

Teaching the days of the week is a clever and underlying message woven within the spiritual truths of That’s Where God Is. When a little boy’s grandfather encourages him to look for evidence of God throughout his week, suddenly every day holds unexpected promise. Each two-page spread features a new day of the week and a new situation in which the boy finds evidence of God. Scripture verses underscore each particular “sighting” and reveal further truths about God’s character and redeeming power in our daily lives. Ranging from creation (animals in particular) and the power of a thunderstorm to the way people share, forgive, and show mercy, the young boy discovers that God is present within every aspect of his life. The grandfather confirms the boy’s experience and also tells him of another place that he can find God—within himself.

The final discovery shared between the grandfather and the young boy opens the door for the gospel to reach both children and the adults with whom they share their lives. The delightful combination of illustrations and an intimate conversation with a beloved relative creates an inviting way to share the truth of God’s Word and the eternal presence Christ desires within each of our lives. This story will provide meaningful avenues of discussion as well as fascinating teaching opportunities within children’s ministries, preschools, and kindergarten and first grade classrooms. That’s Where God Is begins a two-part series on spiritual formation for young children and lays a firm foundation on which to build by teaching children that “wherever I am, that’s where God is!”


Authors Dan and Alison Morrow (Worlds Collide, Violette Between as Alison Strobel) live in Colorado, where they and their two daughters love exploring around their home. In between their adventures, Alison writes women's fiction and authors a blog, while Dan works on numerous projects for children and adults.

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Be Blessed!

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