Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Lady by Joyce Wheeler

I am always excited to read new authors and this book did not disappoint. From beginning to end, it kept my attention. Jolene is a character that you will connect with in a very real way. I can't wait to see what Joyce comes up with next!

Joyce Wheeler's debut novel introduces readers to Jolene O'Neil, a passionate woman whose life is both plagued and blessed by extraordinary events. Jolene's reactions to these events have a rippling effect within the lives of others as she runs from a compromised past toward the hope of a peaceful future. Can she choose a course against the will of the God yet still find His salvation?


Joyce Wheeler lives with her husband, Justin, on the family ranch. She counts her blessings that wind, prairie, and family enrich her everyday life.
To purchase this book, click here.
Smiles and Loves!

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