Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Mom I Want to Be by T.Suzanne Eller

Have you ever heard that saying, "I was a good mom until I had kids?" If so, then you will know what I mean when I say that I am always striving to be a better mom. This is a wonderful book that I really gained quite a bit of insight through. The idea that the way that you were raised has a big influence upon your natural mothering style is something that needs to be understood and explored. If you like books that can give you information to make you better at the most important job that you have as a mom and wife, then you will want to consider this one!

About this Book:

Being a mom is a great joy and a great responsibility. But what if you have a painful past, a background that didn't include a good role model for parenting? What if your experiences have given you an unhealthy view of motherhood? How can you be the parent you want to be without dragging along your history? Suzie Eller knows from experience that a mother is influenced by the mothering she received as a child.

In her book, The Mom I Want to Be, Suzie shares from the brokenness of her own growing-up years and compassionately discusses how bitterness and anger can be transformed into hope and determination when a woman turns her past and her future over to God's care. Suzie draws attention to a rarely addressed topic, detailing how to put shattered legacies back together, restore broken images of motherhood, forgive the unforgettable, set boundaries that make sense, and let go of yesterday so a new today and tomorrow can be embraced.

The author says, "This is a book for women and moms, but especially for women who want to find wholeness, healing from the past, and specific helps to give their children better memories than they received as a child." She wants her readers to know they don't have to repeat the unhealthy patterns from their childhood. With God's healing power at work in their lives, women can become the moms they want to be.
About the Author:

T. Suzanne (Suzie) Eller is the author of five books and over 600 articles and columns. She is a contributing writer to Today's Christian Woman, cbn.com, and Enrichment Journal. Suzie is a youth culture and parenting columnist, and a community mentor in The Woman of Vision program. Her books include The Woman I Am Becoming: Embracing the Chase for Identity, Faith, and Destiny and Making it Real: Whose Faith is it Anyway? Suzie is an inspirational speaker who speaks internationally to groups of all sizes. She has been featured on hundreds of radio and TV programs. Suzie and her husband have three children and make their home in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. For more information, visit http://e2ma.net/go/929065756/817175/29622287/goto:http://www.daretobelieve.org

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